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If you are an anime fan, and you do not know where to watch your favorite Japanese animated series, you will find lots of different titles on this platform, sorted by genre. All of them in different formats and available in OV with subtitles… in Indonesian.

The best anime of all time in your Android

Following an anime series can turn out to be quite an adventure. That is one of the reasons why lots of apps for watching anime series and movies on our smartphones have emerged on the market. The problem is that many of them offer us the content in the original version and, at most, subtitles in English.

anoBoy is an app specially designed for Indonesian anime fans. So, from its chaotic interface, we can find several hundred OV contents with Indonesian subtitles.

To watch any of the titles, we can use the search engine, the list of lastest series uploaded, or the classification by genre. You can find everything here: action, drama, demons, comedy, fantasy, adventure, martial arts, magic, mystery, and more.

Once we have chosen a series and an episode, the video player screen will open. From here, we can choose the format of the video (from 240P to 720P), and also download the file to watch the content whenever we want, without an internet connection.

The app works great and is very fast. Besides, the subtitles (in Indonesian) are played automatically without us having to touch a thing. However, the main problem with this app is its interface, which is very messy. Furthermore, the massive amount of ads popping up everywhere is a huge turndown. But hey, that is how the developers make their money.

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